Be gentle

When you’re removing your lashes, be as gentle as when you applied them. That means trying not to pull too hard when you’re removing them.


Removing the glue

Once you’ve removed the lashes from your own lash line, you’ll want to make sure to remove any glue from the lashes to prevent them from lying perfectly flat against your lash line on your next application.


Don’t soak them!

Never soak your lashes in water or any other liquid as it may ruin the style, shape and curl of the lash. Our lashes are made of 100% natural hair so they will last a long time as long as you don’t put any type of product on them.

Keep them clean

Store your Mink lashes in the original casing to avoid collecting dust, bacteria or anything else that might compromise the quality of the hair. Storing them like this will ensure that your Oenvy Lashes retain their shape and, most important – stay clean!


No mascara!

We know we said it before but mascara will ruin the quality of the hair. Love your lashes and only apply mascara to your natural lashes if needed!

Extra Help

Try using a damp Q-tip (water or oil free makeup remover) to dab over the band before removing your false lashes. This should also help loosen the glue.